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High Frequency Saw Blade Hardening Machine

  1. High Frequency Saw Blade Hardening Machine
2. Equipped with hand saw auto feeding rack.
3. Equipped with quenching liquid cooling system
4. Servo motor speed control, fine tune the feeding speed to reach best hardening effect.
5. impulse-type saw blade induction hardening
6. Apply to all kind of gardening hand saws.
7. 300mm length saw blade, hardening cycle for 2 sec. 

  1. High Frequency Circular Saw Blade Welding Machine.
2. Hand circular saw manual feeding rack.
3. Iced coolant system
4. Apply to all sizes circular saw and finger joint cutter.
5. Saw blasé welding cycle around 3 to 6 sec.
6. Suitable for small scale factories, saw blade maintenance Factory 

  Welding on Finger Joint Cutter

  Impulse-type saw blade hardening


  Impulse-type Saw blade auto feeder rack.

  High frequency Saw blade hardening auto feeder rack.
  High Frequency saw blade induction hardening 
KGM-20K-Saw blade Hardening