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Disposbalware Proessing

  1. High frequency disposable paper lunch box/food container forming machine
2. Completely nontoxic, utilizing the oscillation of high frequency to bond
 with polypropylene (PP) coated paper.
3. Bonding without glue or other adhesives to avoid toxic materials which can
 be hazardous to your health.
4. High speed sealing, production speed: 1 pcs/ per second.
5. Fully automatic production, feeding and collecting automatically,
 each stack is adjustable from 25 to 30.


  1. The paper box can be pre-printed.
2. The defective products will be rejected automatically.
3. No leakage from the inner compartments after sealing, no cracks for long-term storage.


  1. Making use of high frequency oscillation to sealing cardboard paper rapidly.
2. Customized production for different sizes and shapes of containers.
3. 4 compartments for vertical space arrangement of the container,
 4 compartments for the horizontal setup, single compartment unit, cups and  bowls.


  1. The patented Kouming spark suppressor is capable of protecting machine
 to prevent burning of the paper containers.

2. Over 15 years life span of the machine.
3. High production rate for 20 ~ 40 PCs/min, depends on the model of machine.
4. Our paper food box making machines have been exported to multiple countries,
 such as Taiwan, China, US, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia,Thailand, etc.