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High Frequency Veneer Press

  1. High Frequency 2~8mm Veneer Edge Glue Press Machine
2. Equipped with duplex shuttle tray, buy one is like buy two machines.
3. Each shuttle tray loading and unloading in turns, continuous production
4. Fine tuning upper press plate for veneer lamination, no gap occurred after glued.
5. Fast glue solidification from 25sec. to 40 sec.
6. Electricity cost USD 0.09/PCs

  1. Ability to edge glue on solid wood, MDF, Bamboo,
2. Ability to edge glue ‘4 X8’ sheet at one time 
3. Side Pressure press on edge, jointed strength stronger than hot melt glue.
4. Patented high frequency output circuit design, protect the machine from 
    burning the wood panel. 


  1. Multi-task for thin panel edge gluing, as well as thick panel edge gluing from 2 to 60mm
2. Buy one is like buy 3 machines, 2 units for thin panel edge glue, one unit for thick solid    
    wood edge glue press.

  1. Flatness of thin panel after glued less than 0.05mm.
2. Continuous production daily output 600 pieces at least,
3. Electricity cost USD0.08/PCs