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High Frequency Press - Sand wich Glued

  1. High Frequency Sandwich/ Honeycomb panel lamination Line
2. Double-sided glued press concurrently, buying one machine instead 
    of buying two,less conveying time and get rid of panel flipping over.
3. Speed up drying glue time only 30 sec. to 45 sec. for honeycomb bonding
4. Via high frequency adhesive curing, no cracking permanently.
5. Yield rate up to 99% by joining piece by piece.
6.  Face board thickness ranges from 2 to 10mm
7. Continuous production 

  1. Equipped with through-feed conveyor belt, easy for panel loading
    and unloading.

2. Equipped with Stray-field platen to has a uniform heating and fast glue curing.
3. Piece by piece production, yield rate up to 99%
4. Electricity cost of each honeycomb board is USD0.09.
5. Daily output at least 1000piece.
6. Docking with double-end tenoner for auto sizing and auto edge banding.


  1. Fast Panel glued 
2. Lamination work on any material.
3. Only heating up adhesive rather than the surface temperature,
    so that doesn’t damage PVC layer

4. Sizing right away after glued.



  1. Automation 3-layers panel board production line.
2. The feeder equipped suction cups for 3 layers bonding automatically.
3. Automatic roller feeder for continuous production.
4. Save manpower up to 24 persons.
5. Daily output 1000 piece at least.
6. Docking with double end tenoner for auto sizing 

  1. Auto roller feeding table.
2. Double-sided gluer, gluing on the double side of wood frame
    of honeycomb,save 98% glue spreading.



  1. Auto-sucker system suction area adjustable from 1000mm to 2400mm
   To assembly 3-layers,

2. Middle board will be held by clamping device behind the double sided glue 
    spreader to keep complete glue spreading until the finish of upper and lower
    board united.

3. The panel suction method can be customized.