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High Frequency Generator - Wood Bending

  1. One high frequency generator could output two wood-bending presses,
    or one output four wood-bending presses to achieve continuous mass production.
2. Using wooden mold instead of expensive steel mold to save development
 cost dramatically
3. Use electricity power instead of steam boiler, no influence to the environment
 without emissions of PM2.5. 
4. High frequency wave penetrate into inside of glue, shorten glue cured period
 and forming time.
5. One work is able to operate 4 to 6 bending press machines.


  1. Equipped with 3- directions press to produce U-shaped products.
2. Glued time around 1 PCS/ 80 secs.
3. Use wooden mold only, saving huge molding cost.


  1. Varieties of wood bending shapes are able to produce.
2. Press one large part, slicing into many small pieces for high productivity. 
3. Meet all kinds of furniture fabrications.


  1. Dual mold mode, producing 2 sets in one press.
2. Able to build wooden mold in-house.

  Ideal for production line of dining table and chair


  Ideal for chair factory bending production line


  Capable of solid wood bending

  Especially suitable for workshop, design studios are recommended,
very low molding cost to develop diverse designs for small batch production.

  One-piece forming for cylindrical shape bentwood products.

KGW-1040HG2 +  KPW-804H

KGW-1050HG2 + KPW-1001H