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High Frequency Press - FJ Edge Glue

  1. Automatic finger jointed panel edge gluing press machine
2. Equipped with automatic feeding table, adhesive spray system,material push device
3. Operation of two fully automatic edge gluing press lines required only one
  single workman
4. Production speed: 1 sheet of 4”X8” wooden board /per min
5. Electricity cost : USD 0.3/per sheet
6. Saving workforce cost, decrease at least 6 workers than traditional gluing process.
7. Our automatic finger jointed panel edge gluing press machine offer
    the most economical and practical solution for woodworking industry.

  1. Continuous high speed production 
2. Reduce the demand of workforce
3. High production efficiency, only taking one minute to
  product a 4”x8” @18mm thickness. 

4. Low power consumption only US$0.3 electric cost per sheet.


  1. Auto loader
2. Capable of loading lumber separately 
3. The length of feeding area reach up to 3 meter
4. High speed loading, about 3.5sec for a lumber feeding.


  1. Automatic adhesive spray system
2. The spraying strength of one-component adhesive dispensing system can
    be adjusted by air pressure control to save glue amount. 

3. 4 Sets of inbound loading roller which can deliver wood pieces steadily.
4. Thickness of feeding lumber ranging from 15 to 50mm


  1. The forehead automatic edge gluing press machine is able to integrate
    with four side moulder.

2. After the strips are planed properly and then the edge glue press succeed
    to achieve completely automation of wood panel edge gluing press line.

  1. Automatic finger jointed panel edge gluing press machine 
2. Optimized cutting machine.
3. Top & bottom belt sander